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40479 Düsseldorf

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I am with you counts every click that I do on my computer. No matter if I am working, surfing or just checking mail. Every click will be counted. If the number counts up, you know I am there on the other side. I am with you then.

The archive shows the daily clicks, sorted by date.

If you check the source code of you will find this text.

a click,
a physical act
a moving finger made of muscles and flesh,
traversed by veins
drawn though fingers,
a hand,
an arm,
into a beating heart.

a movement caused by a deep thought or a pointless search.
a movement of being straight and focused on a precisely road
or endlessly lost in a deep, wide ocean.

images, words and other shells don’t matter.
there is just data,
a heartbeat translated into numbers
counting every click,
every day.

if you see the the count up,
i’m there.
i’m on the other side,
on your screen,
your personal space.

i am with you.

-doreen kiesling



developed by amazing:





Thank you so much bison, anigmos and dictvm! You are amazing!